A junior developer with a passion for computing

And some will to learn

Im Luka, a highschooler that likes to develop opensource aplications. Born in a quiet corner of Belgrade i earned a love for the great outdoors and when night fell i experimented with computing. As a son of a engineer I got a opotunity to learn all about the world of mechanics first hand, (all the screws and random car computers somebody would want!) and it got me interested in maths and science.

In the two years ive been coding ive made a lot of stuff, the most recent being better than the first.

My projects

A showcase of the best projects so far

Admin tools icon

Admin Tools

MC game server managment program with rcon , server status and lot more.
Link to github repo

Simple logger icon

Simple Logger

A library for logging events to a file.
Link to github repo

Beocraft logo

Beocraft server

A smp minecraft server with a growing comunity. Also made a server resources manager plugin with extra commands made to help with moderation. The plugin isnt avalable for download.
Link to website

Tic tac toe

Tic tac toe

One of my first aplications made in java. A small game of tic tac toe with a bot to play against you.
Link to github repo

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