About me

Born in Serbia, im a self-taught programmer and an apprentice mechanic, coming from a family with a history of craftsmanship and science.

I have had a fascination with computers for as long as I remember. But that changed in late elementary when I realised that you can program them (amazing i know, but for me then it was a realisation of the century). Fueled by curiosity and the help of my brother I started learning the ins and outs of computing.

Well that of-course had an effect on my career choices and im now pursuing a career in computer programming, going soon to a collage (specific one undecided yet, got a year or so left to think).

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3/11/2023 Davinci Resolve 18 no sound on ubuntu 22.10

Davinci resolve shows the sound bars but doesnt play sound. It even exports video with sounds.